Starting With My Why

March 31, 2018

As a photographer, if there has ever been a turning point in my business, it has been this: starting with my WHY.  For me, my why is not existing in any photographs before the age of seven.

Mississippi Maternity Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I do not exist until a random snapshot at a birthday party… my seventh birthday party with a homemade chocolate cake and two neighborhood kids.  Now before you start thinking I had horrible parents, please know that was not the case: my parents were caring and loving.  Both of my parents worked in hard, manual labor and their priority was keeping food on the table and providing for the family.  Photography and cameras were luxuries they simply could not afford.

Even today, the worn and tattered pages of that album are sparse with photographs.  History and moments that are forever gone and memories that are now faded with time; stories that will never be told because the visual cues and reminders are not within the pages of that album.  When my children were small, I remember sharing this album with them but I could only take them back in history to a certain point.  I felt like I was cheating them out of moments and history that they were entitled to know, see and touch as only photographs can do.  Their history.  Their family legacy.

Now, I have two grandchildren and although I’m dedicated to documenting as much of our family as possible, there will always be a large, missing gap of photographic history.  I’m thankful for the pictures that are in this album: my parents simple wedding pictures; snapshots of my grandparents and a handful of images of people that I don’t even know.

Time is forever marching on: this moment is now gone.  This moment is gone.  And this moment is gone.  But with every click of the shutter that I press for a client, photography steps in and says, “Not this one.  This moment stays.”   I often think about the portraits that I capture for families and wonder where they will be in fifty or one hundred years as priceless family heirlooms.  The photographs captured today are not just for the family now but for their generations to come… It is their history; their legacy; their story – this is my why.

Filtering the experience that I want to create for my clients through that why, I knew I had to change some creative elements of my business that did not align with my core values.  I’m not photographing maternity and newborns just because it’s the trendy genre to photograph.  I photograph motherhood because it is an absolute miracle and there is nothing more precious than watching two people hold their entire world in their hands.  Like everything in my business, I want the experience to stand for something more than a trend or a passing fad.  This is the heart behind what we do.

I work closely with families that recognize and value the importance of preserving their most cherished relationships through timeless, meaningful portraits: beautiful simplicity focusing on emotion and connection.   Like myself, they appreciate quality, craftsmanship and artistry.  I share that same value in this experience by offering my clients exquisite handcrafted albums, framed portraits and matted prints to preserve each portrait collection as art for your home for generations to come.

C. E. Grace & Company is based in Florence, Mississippi and offers studio, in-home and on-location portrait sessions.  Our work utilizes a combination of semi-posed lifestyle and documentary photography to create timeless, emotive pieces of art, in addition to what has become our signature work: black & white portraits.

Because our portraits are deeply emotive and connection based, it is very important that we are able to really connect with our families on a meaningful level, which is why we must feel that we are the very best fit for your family.  Because, honestly, your legacy doesn’t deserve anything less.  Inquire to request a consultation or more information about our sessions.

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