Newest Birthday Party Trends: A “Fiver” Party

March 5, 2019

A “Fiver” Birthday Party may be just the answer you’re looking for!

One year old boy smiling and eating cake during a birthday party cake smash session at C. E. Grace & Co.

If you have small children (or know any!) then you’ve probably realized a birthday party trends are NOT what they used to be! Parents are now faced with maneuvering the gauntlet of No-Gift Parties, Milestone Parties and the over-the-top Pinterest parties complete with finger-foods and hired entertainers. Thankfully, there is a trend that we can embrace and hopefully refocus our celebratory energies back on the fun: Fiver Birthday Parties!

What is this ‘Fiver’ Birthday trend? If you’re around or included in the small children crowd, you’ve probably received a birthday invitation with this wording. Very simply, the birthday boy or girl chooses one big gift for their birthday and essentially, each guest gives $5 towards the gift.

Whether you’re a parent that embraces a more minimalistic approach to belongings or seeking to help take the stress out of buying gifts, we are loving this trend! For families or friends with lot of tots, having to buy a present of $10 – $20 each party can get expensive and limit the number of parties some children may get to attend. I know when my children were small, having the convenience of a card and $5… DONE! This would have been a welcomed relief as I rarely had the time or energy to shop for my own children!

Still, it’s possible that some guests may feel they are only being invited to help contribute or “crowdfunding” a gift, so proceed with caution! I personally recommend wording invitations with a short message that gifts are not necessary and a celebratory “Happy Birthday!” along with the guest’s presence is beyond perfect.

We would love to hear from you! What’s some of the best birthday party ideas that you’ve experienced for parents of littles?

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