Preparing For Your Home Newborn Session

April 15, 2020

A home newborn session is my most loved of all sessions to preserve for families. There is such a level of comfort and intimacy parents feel with their new little one that can only be captured within the walls of home and nowhere else. There is a safety experienced at home, one that opens up a level of emotion and vulnerability, that I believe is genuinely unique and beautiful.

toddler cleaning countertop during home newborn session

Inviting someone into this safe place so soon after coming home with a little one can seem overwhelming because mom wants everything to look or feel “perfect.” When I prepare families for this experience, I assure them it is not about the home but rather the people who live there, the love and relationships shared within those walls, that I capture. The home decor and style are merely a backdrop within the story, their little one is the star.

To help minimize any stress and allowing our time together to unfold smoothly, I offer the following tips for moms preparing for a home newborn session:

  1. Tidy the room. To help create a clean background, I recommend moving any extra baby equipment (swings, diaper bags, breast pumps, etc.) or extra items to another room or closet. Please do not worry about dusting, waxing or any in-depth cleaning, as it is not necessary.
  2. Welcome the light. Have all blinds raised and curtains/sheers open to flood rooms with gorgeous, natural light. Have all overhead lights and lamps turned off. Do not worry that the room is too dark. It is the quality of the light, not the quantity that matters.
  3. Outfits. If possible, I suggest having all outfits chosen, ready and laid aside prior to giving birth so there is no preparation before the actual session (you will thank me!). For baby, lay aside a white onesie and a soft, neutral toned swaddle. For ideas, our Pinterest board can be found here.
  4. Prep the crib. I highly recommend using only a white or neutral toned sheet without any patterns or stripes. A simple background will minimize any distractions in baby’s photographs.
  5. Have a meal or snack before I arrive. This is often one of the more overlooked suggestions but it is quite important! Everyone will feel better with either a light meal or snack just before my arrival, especially the baby and any siblings.

Finally, I encourage parents to fully embrace this moment with their newborn and savor all of the snuggles, kisses and baby loves. The photographs we create together will be moments that are yearned for years from now.

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If you’d like treasured reminders of this precious season of motherhood through photographs, I’m your girl. You can connect with me directly at or by sending me a message here.

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