Savoring the Pause in Motherhood

April 16, 2020

I think often, we can become too lost in our own busyness and don’t know how savoring the pause is so vital to our wellbeing.

We’re frantically racing through minutes and hours on a day-to-day basis with little notice of the season in which we are planted, only to question one day how time escaped us so quickly and realizing we were never savoring the pause.

mom savoring the pause with two daughters at home

In this unprecedented time, we are all far too busy, distracted and disconnected, living in a whirlwind of to-do lists, wearing busy like a badge of honor and drowning in a sea of media noise.

Mornings explode in a sudden rush of activity and over-commitments; evenings collapse in a numbing fog, full of worry and concern for what will come the next day. The pace is excruciating and without an intentional resistance, exhaustion will attach itself to, not only the body, but the mind and soul, as well.

Our friendly advice to others is “get some rest” or we share on Instagram some profound quote we snagged touting the benefits of self-care while ignoring the gaping holes in this lack of encouragement for ourselves .

For whatever reason, we do not feel worthy to taste the pause, especially as mothers, wives… as women. Our natural instinct of caring and doing for others extends far beyond our available capabilities and we, all too often, find ourselves slumped at the end of the “can’t pour from an empty cup” line and there, we remain empty.

Are you there? Are you living in this place of busyness and utter burnout? In my own journey, I’m actively attempting to choose how to find the moments that give way to pause and I’m encouraging you to seek the same. Pinpointing these tiny opportunities are not hard but they must be intentional and deliberate.

I am finding that savoring the pause can be as simple as asserting a “no” to something that may otherwise be good, but not right for this moment.

For me, this may resemble saying no to an extra session when my schedule is already screaming for mercy. Yours may be saying no to the obligation to volunteer more at your child’s school, mindlessly perusing social media and losing all track of time or striving for levels of perfection at home that would tire out Joanna Gaines.

Asserting the word ‘no’ doesn’t mean screaming ‘never again’ and slamming a proverbial door… it’s the pause and freedom to whisper ‘not right now’. Savoring the pause.

Guarding moments with a gentle “no” is not selfish or egocentric but rather, a realigning of priorities. Once moments are found, gift yourself the flexibility to slow down and live life in the small space of this season: enjoy playing with your children outside; linger a few minutes longer in those cool, smooth sheets; fully connect to those loved ones who are lonely or hurting and don’t rush to leave so quickly.

You’ve been gifted the moment, now savor it. There will be a split second decision in which you will either choose to stay there in that moment or hustle forward… I hope you choose it. Savoring the pause.

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