How To Bring Calm Into Your Space

June 13, 2020

calm flower blooms hanging from a branch on the wall

Calm was not a word that I would have used to describe my office or workspace a couple of years ago. Words like frantic, chaotic and disorganized quickly come to mind.

I spend a lot of time at a desk, staring at a computer screen, in the dark. My office used to be a sanctuary and retreat… and then my business starting growing like crazy. Gone were the days of my desk looking like a Pinterest perfect flat-lay with coordinating tools and darling desk accessories. It was not unusual to have two or three used coffee cups on my desk at one time and not all from the same day; Post-It notes stuck to everything with one or two words of gibberish scrawled on them; or better yet, Post-It notes with unreadable gibberish words stained with cold coffee. You get the idea…

In the chaos of growing a business and working longer hours, my sanctuary and retreat began to disappear and the frenzy of deadlines, demands and chronic hustling started taking their toll. I am a lover of simplicity. Simple is good. So, as exciting as as the hustle and bustle was in seeing my dream come true, I yearned for come calm in my day. I spent so much time at work that I decided that my workday and workspace had to return to a location where I wanted to be and looked forward to creating in.

For me, it was clearing the clutter and adding some small luxurious, personal touches that created a huge shift for me. My space felt more positive and lended itself to more efficiency which, for my 100 mph brain, creates a sense of satisfaction while finding peace and stillness.

Here are a few ideas to help you hopefully bring a sense of calm and peace to your workspace or home environment:

  1. Essential Oils – Try diffusing or a roll-on peppermint or eucalyptus for energy and focus or thieves blend to keep germs at bay.
  2. Tea – For me, sipping tea creates the opposite of chugging coffee: it helps me to calm because I tend to sip slowly and savor. Try a blend with turmeric or lavender to encourage calmness.
  3. Plants – Add some imitation blooms or succulents for your desk (bonus: they won’t die) or add a punch of color and scent with fresh flowers in a pretty vase.
  4. Music – Play calming, ambient music in the background. Studies show it increases focus and productivity.
  5. If possible, turn off harsh florescent lights and use a desk lamp to give your space soft, ambient lighting.
  6. Close the door – If your space has a door, close it when you need a few moments of quiet in the midst of a challenging moment or day.
  7. Drink water – Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Make it a little more enjoyable by using a pretty glass or bottle to drink from.
  8. Download a calming meditation app to listen to on your break. A quick five minute session can do wonders for your state of mind! My personal favorite is Calm.

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