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June 13, 2020

Print your photos? Like, all of them?! Today, in the digital realm, I’m sure people are questioning how safe their most precious of photos, memories and history really are…

It is currently Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 5:54 p.m. CST and as I write this blog post, we are still in the longest outages of Facebook and Instagram history at almost 9 hours…

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What would happen IF Facebook and Instagram disappeared forever… *POOF* without warning? All of the nine years of my documented history, photographs, memories and milestones would be gone in an instant.

Social media stores pictures that I have no idea of the source. The phone or computer they were uploaded from has long been replaced. Pictures of my pets, significant milestones, my family members and then there’s the everyday, beautiful mundane moments captured that fill in the spaces, all housed there. What would I do if they were gone forever? When was the last time I printed any of my photos from my phone, or even better, when I have I last backed up my phone?

I grew up before social media and I remember thumbing through old family albums with photographs taped in, some loose from time and others just placed within the pages for safe keeping with other momentos. I remember seeing family members framed on the wall and bookshelves in silver frames. A photograph was truly special if it was displayed in a silver frame – it was the centerpiece – the one possession you would grab if the house was ever on fire.

In my home, there is such a picture that my husband and I would certainly attempt to save in the event of a natural disaster: it’s a candid picture of us praying at the altar before our wedding. To us, it is priceless and it is the centerpiece of our home with our wedding vows printed on beautiful rag cotton paper matted and framed on either side. Yes, this picture is stored on a social media page… but it LIVES on the wall of our home. This is not the only one that we would grab, but it would certainly be the first.

Print your photos.

I think sometimes we are so confident in and dependent on social media platforms that we fail to consider the repercussions of storing our most precious memories there… Yes, all things eventually disappear but when it comes to my family’s priceless memories, I would much rather have them preserved and stored in a tangible format with me, in my possession, than on a server at some headquarters where anything could potentially happen.

We still do not know why Facebook and Instagram are still experiencing outages almost nine hours later… and I’m confident, like so many others, that it will be resolved and we’ll move on… but what if?

Print your photos.

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