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June 23, 2020

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Not long after I launched my business, I knew it was vital to get organized in my photography business and develop a system that worked. I was using a mix of different stand alone programs and piece-milling documents and forms, and in addition to taking loads of time, it wasn’t the most branded experience for my clients.

I had seen a lot of different creatives that I look up to start mentioning Honeybook, but I really didn’t know what it was. I knew I needed something really easy for my photography business because, for me, learning new systems and setting them up can seem really overwhelming and more of a burden (can we say “procrastination”?!). I was already stressed with the one that I had already created on my own (that was totally not working) and I needed a real solution. The Honeybook office system was the tool that helped me finally organize my photography business systems and helped create a great client booking experience.

Honeybook office system is designed to allow you to easily streamline proposals, invoices & payments, send customized agreements to your clients and collaborate seamlessly. It’s used by all types of creatives, including designers, musicians, event planners and more!

I currently use Honeybook in my photography business for these Top 3 Functions: 

1. I use the Honeybook Contact Form Widget which allows me to send an automated response to all of my website inquiries with a personal note about looking forward to connect with them, as well as an expectation of my office hours and when they can expect to hear back from me. You can even take this widget further to automatically send a welcome brochure attachment about your services. By using the contact form widget, when the inquiring client fills out that contact form with their contact information, it automatically sets them up as a project within Honeybook, essentially starting our communication file.

2. When I am ready to respond to my inquiries, I have template emails all saved and ready to go. I also have my booking guide already uploaded as a file in Honeybook. This means, that I can personally respond to any inquiry with ALL of the information that they need, in a branded, professional presentation- quickly!

3. I can send my client’s their contracts and invoice to book- all in one professionally branded email. They can easily read, sign, and make their payment online (on desktop or mobile!) making booking clients fast and convenient for both of us. My clients are busy moms and I have no interest in wasting their time or making booking a session with my photography business complicated. I want the booking process to be as easy for them as possible, and Honeybook excels in this need.

I also love that they are a company who is committed to always growing and better fitting the needs of their customers. They listen, have awesome customer service and they take action on what we need to have in order to grow our photography business and our brands.

** Best of all, you can save 50% on your entire Honeybook office system business membership- when you use MY REFERRAL LINK.**

Stay tuned, because I am planning to share with you my other favorite business organizational tools for workflow and marketing!

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