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July 31, 2020

Lifestyle Maternity and Newborn At- Home Sessions

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If you’ve never thought about scheduling an at-home lifestyle motherhood session, there are many benefits worth considering:

Documenting the everyday moments. Although studio sessions can create beautiful images, they are often choreographed poses and there is often very little natural interaction. I love being able to take the time to quietly observe and wait for moments that unfold naturally during real and genuine interactions especially during a lifestyle motherhood session… these are my favorite!

Every session is unique. Unlike studio sessions where identical backgrounds and props are used repeatedly with very little variety, your home is distinctive and will provide a one-of-a-kind background.

Clients do not have to travel. When I used to photograph in a studio, I would find mom and family would often arrive frazzled, late and exhausted from having to get ready, packed and then fight traffic to arrive on time. More often than not, something would be forgotten or mom would be worried that she had forgot something. When I am traveling to my client’s home, there is nothing for mom to have to pack or worry about. During home lifestyle motherhood sessions, the morning is more relaxed and unhurried for everyone. I often have clients tell me how wonderful it was that they didn’t have to bother getting out and traveling with children.

It’s safer for your children. Children, and newborns especially, have incredibly sensitive immune systems and there is a potential risk of exposing them to germs the more person-to-person contact they have while traveling to another location or waiting to be photographed in a studio. At home photography sessions allow parents to limit the amount of exposure with other people.

Hair and makeup artist can come to you. Having your hair and makeup artist come to your home provides mom with the same benefits of not having to travel with baby and/or siblings, plus it’s a wonderful pampering opportunity for mom to feel special while getting ready.

Your home is quiet, comfortable and familiar. While many studios can offer a calming atmosphere, it is not your home, the place you feel most at ease. During a home lifestyle motherhood session, you will hold your child more naturally, interact genuinely, you’ll settle in more comfortably with your own surroundings and enjoy a more relaxing experience while I quietly document these authentic interactions during this beautiful season of motherhood.

Your home has history. It is so important to me to create meaningful portraits for my families and help them build their legacy. Whether you are in your forever home or your “right now” home, it is part of your history and it will always be remembered as the home that you brought your baby to. The nursery that you worked so hard to prepare, the couch you snuggled on during midnight feedings and the chair you rocked them to sleep… these are all priceless backdrops that help tell your family’s story.

Christi Grace is a lifestyle maternity, newborn and family photographer who preserves the soulful quality and authentic perspectives of motherhood.  Based in Jackson, MS, serving all surrounding areas including Brandon, Lost Rabbit, Livingston, Madison, Rankin and Ridgeland. Available for travel.

If you’d like treasured reminders of this precious season of motherhood with a lifestyle motherhood session, I’m your girl. You can connect with me directly at  or by sending me a message here.

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Hi! I’m Christi – a lifestyle photographer based in Jackson, Mississippi capturing seasons of motherhood for moms and those she loves most. I thrive within simplicity, seek to encourage others and actively pursue an intentional life grounded in love and gratitude. I’m easily distracted by home DIY videos, fresh french-pressed coffee, thrift stores and puppies. If you share a connection with these heartfelt ramblings, I would love to work with you. You can reach me at: